CoverGrip Spring Sale on 5X8" Drops!

Save 20% off one of our most popular drop cloths during our spring sale!

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Covergrip is premium drop cloth designed with safety in mind! Our 5X8' cloth is made from 100% high quality durable canvas.

Patented Anti-Slip technology comes standard on any Covergrip product, reducing the chances of accidental falls and injuries to you and your crew. Thousands of anti slip dots are built into each cloth giving you grip on virtually any surface.

Weighted Canvas drapes easily over stairs with Covergrips heavy duty 8 ounce construction. Anti slip dots add additional weight to the canvas helping it drape well over stairs and stay in place.

Durable construction lasts across many projects. Covergrip is machine washable and can withstand heavy use.

Our 5X8 is one of our most popular sizes and is ideal for protecting large areas for your next project. Grab yours today and enjoy significant savings on us!



CoverGrip Features

Industry Leading Anti-Slip Technology

Weighted Canvas for Ultimate Drape Control

Superior Surface Protection for Your Next Project.